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Terms and conditions for an artist for placing work on the site

An artist who is interested to place his / her work on this site for sale is bound by the following terms and conditions.


  1. The artist needs to provide with the required images/description and all other related information about the Art such as school of art, classification of the work, medium used etc., which is necessary for the buyer to know before buying the work. The entire cost of obtaining this type of information including the images will have to be borne by the Artist.
  2. Artist needs to provide with a certification about the originality of the work and that the original work matches the description provided to about the same. The artist will be responsible for any consequences in case of legal complications arising out of the same. 
  3. Artist needs to provide with the original art work within 24 hours of receiving intimation from The original work should match the description provided to 
  4. will only provide authentication to the buyer to the effect that the work belongs to the artist mentioned and it will be the sole responsibility of the Artist with regard to originality.
  5. Before placing the work on the site for sale, Artist needs to sign a memorandum of understanding with about all the terms and conditions.
  6. is only providing a platform for all the artists through this site to show case their work and does not guarantee any sales. It will up to the artist to decide on continuance or otherwise of display of his/her work on this site.
  7. reserves the right to place the work on the site. Artist will have no right to demand for the same. Also will reserve the right to discontinue the display of the work, which is already placed on the site, without notice to the Artist and without any recourse. 
  8. Since this site is meant for all artists, the Artist, who choses to place his work on this site, will not have any right to question placement of any other work on the site, even if it is from a competitor to the Artist. will place any work of any Artist as per its internal policy and it will not entertain any correspondence in this regard from anyone 
If any artist is interested to place his / her work on this site please contact us
Terms and conditions for buying the work from this site :

The user of the site must read the following terms and conditions before using the service and placing the order for purchase of any work. Those who are not willing to accept the terms and conditions must not use the site.


  1. Transacting through this site to purchase any work is contractual in nature and hence the first and foremost the person is expected to be legally eligible to enter into contact as per the Indian Contract Act.
  2. The sale of artwork through this site is subject to the provisions of legal and statutory framework applicable in India from time to time.
  3. Placing an order through this site is irrevocable and non transferable. Once the order is placed, the art work will be delivered only to the registered user who has placed the order and to the address mentioned at the time of purchase. will not entertain any change of beneficiary or address once the order is crystalised and confirmed.
  4. The Art work for which order is placed with will generally be dispatched within 24 hours of receiving the payment by and time of receipt by the purchaser depends on his geographical location and availability of postal / courier services in that locality. 
  5. will use services of established and standard delivery agency for sending the work.
  6. The buyer may note that the actual physical possession of the original work may not be with and depending on the location of the artist the place of dispatch of the work to the buyer will change.
  7. The price quoted on the site is inclusive of local taxes which are applicable in India. However, buyer will be responsible for payment of addition duties and taxes depending upon the legal position of the buyer and his/ her location. will not be in any way responsible and accountable for the same.
  8. The buyer will be responsible fully for the authenticity and correctness of the details provided at the time of registration. Buyer will be responsible for any loss or damage incurred due to the inconsistencies if any, provided in the registration details. will be responsible to send the order to the details provided at the time of registration and confirmed during the purchase.
  9. There is no facility to physically verify the Art work before placing the order and the purchaser has to take a decision based on the images provided in the site and description provided by the Artist as displayed in the site.
  10.  Buyer may note that the information provided in the site about the work or about the Artist are as provided by the Artist himself / herself and in no way stands for its authenticity or correctness. However necessary care is taken by to put only such information which it feels is genuine and correct based on the sources of information available.
  11. Good care will be taken by to ensure proper and safe packing. 
  12. The information provided by the registered user of the site will be the property of and it may use the information for its campaigns and publicity. It assures the user about maintenance of privacy of the information provided.
  13. The purchased item will be sent to the buyer only after all the necessary documentation as per the requirements of / artist are completed.
  14. reserves the right to amend / delete / add the terms and conditions mentioned above and sale of item will be as per the terms and conditions existing at the actual time of purchase and as accepted by the buyer at the time of purchase.
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