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Suvam Mukherjee
Artist Thoughts
Imagination has no barrier. It is stronger than anything known to man, faster than the speed of light, deeper than the ocean of thoughts. It is the seed for the basic intellect of creativity & innovation. The displayed works are just some mere examples of reinvention of creative bliss. Every work has a deep thought & meaning supporting its visual description.

Critc Views
Talents are not taught, they are innate gifts of the divine. Suvam has been blessed with such a gift. Always artistically inclined, he began drawing and sketching at a very young age. His unique perspective brings a tone and life to his art that is distinctive. Though educated in the sciences, Suvam prefers a life that centers around his passion that is painting. The skill depicted in his work speaks volumes about his intense creativity and artistic ingenuity. His creative vision and concepts are – widely admired. His work is complex, and multi-layered, compelling his audience to seek the profound messages buried within. He enjoys studying other artists, and draws his inspiration from them. He believes knowledge is eternal, and strives to achieve excellence in everything he does.

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