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Anubhooti Bhatnagar

3 D work on Terracotta Pots


The movement of fingers of a potter working on his potter’s wheel always fascinates Anubhooti. This inspires her to work on the unconventional canvas of terracotta pots to create a piece of art. The medium of expression is clay with which she creates life size musical instruments on pots. She calls it the ‘Musical Series of Terracotta pots’ – A Fusion of music and clay.


Books Published


Editor, Yaadon ki Gullak, Hindi Sahitya Niketan, Bijnor, U.P



Designing Assignments

·         Freelance book designing:

o        Title covers-

§         Over 75 book covers for various publishing houses.

o        Complete Book Designing and layout-

§         25 books for Diamond Pocket Books, New Delhi



Colours, canvas, Creativity; working with different mediums, trying new texture techniques, reading, playing guitar, social work

Artist Thoughts

As a child, whenever I saw the seven colours on the palette of sky, I wanted to dip my fingers and paint. As a professional, this fascination led me to playing with colours on computer while designing book-title covers for different publication houses. The childhood desire of dipping my fingers in colours remained inside my heart as a pearl inside the shell until last series of my work when I actually touched colours and painted.


I remember myself painting stones, sketching on walls and paper as a child also but the freedom of expression was restricted for various academic reasons. Now, when I paint, it’s my own expression- boundless!


I have deep attachment for music. The positive vibrations of musical notes fill me inside out when I play my guitar. My mother’s admiration for music has passed on to me and this is why my canvas depicts music in different forms and mediums.


I paint in mix media and use acrylic colours for its versatility. Creating texture is something I love and use specialised tools as well as day-to-day accessories like kitchen knife, wood piece, tooth brush, utensil scrubber etc. to create texture.


I have experimented with unconventional canvas of terracotta pots also. My last exhibition of Terracotta Pots had drawn attention of onlookers for its unique composition and use of medium. Life size musical instruments on pots depict the fusion of music and clay.


Music has a magical power to make the listener sing along effortlessly. I want to bring the same kind of joy to the viewers, when they look at my work.


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